Causes of Ear Problems

Besides the wax that build up to collect dust and dirt in the ears of your pets, there are other factors that contribute to the scratching and irritation of your pets’ ears. Some of these causes could be food allergies, seasonal allergies, foreign bodies entering into the ears, moisture around the ear canal due to exposure to excess water or parasites like ear mites.


The Paws of Kerry Naturally Derived Ear Cleaner

We at Paws of Kerry stand firmly against using harsh chemicals on your pet hence we have developed an All Natural and Effective treatment to your dog’s yeast infection by combining two powerful plant based ingredients- Coconut and Palm to ensure your pets’ ears are treated of the above mentioned symptoms, and to keep them healthy, happy and clean.

Stay tuned for more useful tips on keeping your pets healthy and helping you compensate for the love and loyalty they show you. We all know our pets show us lots of love and care, therefore we at Paws of Kerry are ready to help you love them back!