Our Story


Our pets are a big part of our lives with their display of love and boundless loyalty. They tend to become an integral part of a family, making their health a crucial component of the joy they bring to homes. Using clean, natural products for their health and grooming becomes of utmost importance since they have the tendency to be sensitive to varying products like humans do.
With this understanding, finding the right products to keep our dogs happy, strong and healthy became our utmost priority hence, we created the Paws of Kerry brand. This led us to creating our very first product which is the All-Natural Dog & Cat Ear Cleaner made right here in USA. This was borne from our dog's constant head shaking and ear infections.
We are committed to conducting extensive research in sourcing and developing products that are safe, non-toxic and free of chemicals without giving up on its potency and efficacy. All our products undergo strict quality control to ensure the highest quality standard is maintained.
We have been trusted to only manufacture pet products that are safe, clean and effective. Paws of Kerry is committed to helping pet owners reciprocate the unconditional love and loyalty of their pet by creating natural and toxic-free products that will avail them a blissful, healthy and long life. Your pets deserve your loving them back!
Renee Enobakhare
Paws of Kerry